I have been working as a self-employed doll artist for more than 20 years. I specialize in sculpted paperclay dolls (up to 20 inches tall), do all the dress tailoring and make every tiny detail. Each doll is created from my unique design, and is usually a one-of-a-kind creation. As a child, I wanted to become a fashion designer and later I studied the history of Russian theatre costume, so I especially love designing and sewing the clothing for my dolls. I can’t pass up a beautiful piece of cloth, even if I don’t know what I’ll do with it. As a result, our home is filled with materials for costuming.

I participate regularly in national and international exhibitions of doll art. In addition to being a member of NIADA, I am also a member of the two major Russian professional associations for doll artists: Creative Union of Artists of Russia and Ural Association of Doll Artists. In 2010, I was a winner in the Germany Colliii Awards 2010 in the category “Best OOAK Mini-Human.” That same year I was awarded first prize in the National Doll Artists’ Competition “Hello, Dolly!” in Novosibirsk, Russia and, also in 2010, the American publication Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine featured my work in their “Artist’s Profile” column.