The National Institute of American Doll Artists
is dedicated to furthering the art of the doll for future generations.

We do this by supporting new and emerging artists to develop their craft; enabling visiting artists to attend our annual conference and Dollmaking School, and by supporting NIADA Artists to develop new work.
Every year we offer a selection of scholarships to both Visiting Artists and NIADA Artists, and we actively encourage anyone working in figurative media to apply.

Helen Bullard Scholarship

The Helen Bullard Scholarship fund, named in honor of NIADA’s founder, was created by NIADA Patrons to help emerging doll artists attend the NIADA Conference as Visiting Artists. Each year, one recipient is awarded a free Conference registration, based on their promising potential and work already accomplished.

Application Deadline: April 30th, 2022
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Recipients of the Helen Bullard Scholarship

2017: Yolanda Chih
2017: Jou Chiu
2017: Anya Anderson
2016: Maria Myagkova
2015: Rhonda Whitledge
2014: Gabriele De Tota
2013: Lillian Hopkins
2012: Suzanne Urban
2011: Vicki Arentz
2010: Nina Tugarina
2010: Ruth Marks
2009: Jill Penney

2008: Reina Mia Brill
2007: Emily Zucker
2006: Emily Zucker
2005: Dawn A. Rogers
2004: Tanya Marriott
2003: Heidi Mario
2002: Katy Cunningham
2001: Abby Jarin
2000: Gary Wang
1999: Gary Wang
1998: Kim Stout Lamb

Susanna Oroyan Memorial Scholarship

The late Susanna Oroyan, former NIADA president, was a major force in the doll world for many years as a doll artist, author of several books on dollmaking, promoter of art dolls, teacher and mentor, and a wonderful friend to many. With seed money from Thomas Oroyan and other donations, NIADA has established a scholarship fund in her name.

This scholarship is intended to help one or two Visiting Artists to attend the NIADA Conference by helping to cover extra expenses and/ or pay for a Dollmaking Class of their choice. Artists applying must be able to join us at this year’s Conference if they are awarded this Scholarship.

Application Deadline: April 30th, 2022
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Recipients of the Susanna Oroyan Memorial Scholarship

2019: Sharrie Wing
2017: Jennifer Schemerhorn
2017: Anastasia Yanovskaya
2016: Darena Borysova
2016: Renata Golaszewska-Adamczyk
2016: Anna Potapova
2015: Christine Saperstein
2015: Dawn Panttaja
2015: Anya Anderson

2015: Flynn Bickley
2015: Agnes Ingram
2015: Luella Mossom
2014: Crystal McMurray
2013: Anna Zueva
2013: Stephanie Smith
2012: Ana Salvatore
2012: Anna Zueva
2011: Joanne Callander
2011: Nico Drinkwater

NIADA Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to make it possible each year for one or two promising Visiting Artists who may not otherwise be able to afford expenses to attend the Conference. Recipients are chosen by the Board after receiving recommendations from NIADA Artist Members for artists they believe would be a potential addition to our organization in the future. The nominated artist(s) must be able to join us at this year’s conference if they are awarded this Scholarship.

Please note that this scholarship is awarded only through nomination by a NIADA Artist. NIADA Artists must email their nomination to the NIADA President.

Application Deadline: April 30th, 2022

Recipients of the NIADA Foundation Scholarship

2017: Lesley Keeble
2016: Eva Hodinková
2016: Luella Mossom
2014: Eva Hodinková