What is it?

A fund to provide direct support to NIADA members in crisis situations.

Who is eligible to receive funds?

Any current NIADA artist, patron, or associate member.

What is considered a crisis?

Major events that create unstable and dangerous conditions affecting the health, safety, or well-being of NIADA members. Examples:  armed conflicts, large movements of people (refugees), natural or man-made disasters, and catastrophic accidents or illnesses.

How can you receive funds?

Any member in crisis, or someone on their behalf, may make a request for assistance to the NIADA Board. Go to the menu above and click the “Contact Us” link.

How are funds disbursed?

When the NIADA Board becomes aware of a member in crisis, either through knowledge of world events or through a member’s request, they will approve a disbursement based on the fund balance and the specific need.

How can you donate?

Click on the “Donate to the NCRF” button below. All donations go to the NCRF.