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The National Institute of American Doll Artists (NIADA) was founded in 1963 with a mission to promote handmade dolls as a fine art form. All NIADA members promote dolls as art, as well as the organization and its good will and mission. We have four levels of membership, three of which are dues-paying.


NIADA Artist is an elected membership level. NIADA requires the highest artistic standards in the work of its members. We encourage skilled artists who create entirely original Art Dolls to apply for Artist Membership, after attending at least one annual NIADA Conference and taking part in a Critique.

Artist Membership duties include: attending business meetings at Conferences, performing Critiques, volunteering on committees and as officers and board members, participating in online discussions, voting, and generally helping to keep the organization running. NIADA Artists pay annual dues and are asked to attend at least one Conference every three years.

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Artist Member Dues:
$65 per year
Due January 1st

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Patrons actively support and promote NIADA in a variety of ways, including collecting NIADA dolls, organizing and assisting at conferences, and serving on committees. Some Patrons volunteer their time; some volunteer their resources; some volunteer both.

Patrons receive benefits such as a reduced registration rate for the Annual Conference, an invitation to the annual Members luncheon held at the conference, and early admission to NIADA shows and sales. Patrons pay annual dues.

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Patron Member Dues:
$65 per year
Due January 1st


Created explicitly for visiting/emerging artists still developing a professional body of work. An Associate member has an official voice in the functioning of the organization by participating in committees, serving on some positions on the board, participating in surveys, and lending their particular skills for the benefit of NIADA. An Associate member enjoys the same benefits as a Patron member, with discounts for classes and registration for conferences, plus admittance to special events at conference. Associate members are encouraged to participate in the yearly business meeting held at the annual conference.

Any questions may be directed to Gracie Coleman, the Patron and Associate Director. Associates pay annual dues.

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Associate Membership Dues
$65 per year
Due January 1st

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Academic Members are nominated by a NIADA Artist in recognition of their work promoting NIADA. The artist membership votes on each nomination. Academic members do not pay dues. Academic members include museum curators, writers, and editors who contribute their professional skills and expertise to bring NIADA artists to the attention of the public.

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Annual dues: $0

NIADA embraces diversity as an essential goal of our organization. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, identity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, or disability. We believe that art is a powerful tool in the evolution of humankind, our cultures, and communities. As artists and supporters of art, we pledge to listen, learn, validate each other, and expand our narratives to become more effective advocates for justice, beauty, love, and healing.