Conference and Dollmaking School Cancellation Policy

90+ days prior to the start of a Class or the Conference:

refund of registration fee minus $50 processing fee

31 through 89 days prior to the start of a Class or the Conference:

refund of registration fee minus 50%

30 days or fewer prior to the start of a Class or the Conference:

no refund of registration fee

Class Wait List

Students may choose to place their name on a waiting list for a desired class that is full. However, signing up for an alternative class on the same day is a commitment to the teacher, and cannot be changed.
Some alternative classes may be available for last-minute sign up for those who wish to remain on a particular waiting list until classes begin.
If a class is canceled and we can not find a replacement class that you wish to take, all funds will be refunded.

Further information

Please contact either the Class Registrar or the Conference Registrar.

Class Registrar: Stephanie Blythe
Conference Registrar: Lillian Hopkins

Conference and Dollmaking School Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone attend the NIADA Conference?

A: Yes, you do not have to be an Artist or Patron Member to attend the NIADA Conference or Dollmaking School. The NIADA Conference is a wonderful opportunity for artists, collectors, and everyone interested in the expanding world of doll art to experience the cutting edge of this dynamic art form. NIADA membership is not required to attend, just passion for the art of the doll.

Q: Is the Conference the same as the Dollmaking School? Can I attend both?

A: The NIADA Conference is a separate event from the Dollmaking School. You may attend both, but your Conference registration fee does not include the Dollmaking School. You must register for the Dollmaking School and the Conference separately.

Q: Are the NIADA Artists Gallery Night and Sunday Exhibit & Sale open to the public?

A: Yes, both NIADA Artists Gallery Night and Sunday Exhibit & Sale events are free and open to the public; all are welcome to attend during the public hours. The first hour of the Exhibit & Sale is open only to NIADA Patrons. Following that hour, it is open to all Conference registrants and after that, it opens to the public.

Q: Is there any pre-Conference information available?

A. Yes, you can sign up for our Conference chat line here – Add me to the chatline

Q: How do I find a roommate?

A: We encourage Conference and Dollmaking School attendees to share accommodations in order to meet new people and keep costs down. We can help you find a roommate; please check “I need a roommate” when you register, or contact the Conference Registrar

Q: May I sell my dolls at the Conference?

A: Sales during the Conference and at all Conference locations and rooms are limited to NIADA Artists’ work only. Visiting Artists are encouraged, however, to bring samples of their best pieces as there are several opportunities to show their work: the Critiques, the Critique Exhibit and the Challenge Exhibit. These exhibits are often covered in the press. It is also perfectly appropriate to use your work to discuss techniques at panel discussions and during classes, demos and workshops.

Q. What is the Helper Raffle?

A: Every year NIADA Artists and Patrons donate dolls, books, tools and other goodies as raffle items for Conference attendees. Raffle tickets will be available during the Conference and you will have plenty of opportunities to view the donations before the raffle is drawn during the banquet.

Q: How do I join NIADA?

NIADA encourages accomplished artists who create entirely original art dolls to strive for the finest realization of their talents, and welcome submissions from Visiting Artists for Artist Membership. For more information click here

We also encourage Visiting Artists, collectors, galleries and other art-doll enthusiasts to join as Patron Members. If you are interested in becoming a NIADA Patron click here

Q: How do I qualify for the student rate?

The student rate is a discounted registration for students currently studying at high school, college or university. Students are invited to attend the programs, demonstrations and exhibits. Special rate does not include meal events, souvenir, or early entry to the NIADA Artists Exhibition. In order to confirm your registration you must email a copy of your student ID to the Conference Registrar

Q: What does my Conference registration cover?

A. Your Conference registration covers access to the Conference programs, keynote presentation, NIADA Artists Gallery Night opening, Demos, Critiques, the Artist’s Market, early admittance to the NIADA Artists Exhibit & Sale, and the Conference souvenir made by selected NIADA Artists. Tickets to the Banquet dinner in Arrowmont purchased separately.

Q: Are scholarships or financial aid available for attending the Conference or Dollmaking School?

A. Yes, we have a variety of scholarships available for Visiting Artists. You do not have to be a NIADA Artist Member to apply for these scholarships. For more information regarding scholarships click here

Q: Can I ship a package to the venue?

A:  Yes, no problem shipping items to Arrowmont ahead of time. Please label your packages “in care of Larry Blount, NIADA Conference”, to be assured they all get to the same location. Make sure to put your name and contact information inside the box.

Q: What is the 10 X 12 program?

A: The 10 X 12 program is a slideshow featuring ten dolls from each of twelve Visiting Artists. All Visiting Artists registered to attend the conference are welcome to submit slides. The first twelve to submit images of their work will have the opportunity to introduce their dolls to all NIADA Conference attendees. In this special program each artist presents a slideshow of ten images of his or her work, and is allotted twenty seconds per image to present verbal description or commentary. If you are a Visiting Artist registered for the NIADA Conference, this is your chance to introduce your work to NIADA Artists and Patrons. You can indicate your interest when you register for the Conference.

Q: What is the Challenge Doll?

A. Every year we challenge our Conference attendees to create a doll to a specific theme. This opportunity is open to all Conference attendees; all Challenge Dolls will be exhibited at the Conference.

Q: Can I have my doll(s) professionally photographed at the Conference?

A: Yes, each year NIADA invites a local professional photographer to set up at our Conference as a service to attendees. The photographer will be set up at the hotel and a sign-up sheet will be available at registration to make an appointment to have your dolls photographed. There will be a fee charged per doll for a high-resolution photo.