NIADA 2021 Virtual Conference

August 19th – August 22nd

A unique opportunity to experience
a NIADA Conference from the comfort
of your own home.


Registration opens
Sunday, August 1st

How to Join the Virtual Conference on Facebook

Our NIADA 2021 Virtual Conference will happen again online in a Private Facebook Group on Thursday, August 19th – Sunday, August 22nd @ 12:00pm-4:00pm EDT. Only paid registrants will be invited to join the NIADA 2021 Virtual Conference group.  We will post a schedule of events on the 2021 Virtual Conference Facebook Group and our website. If you are registered and miss an event you can go back and watch it later.

NOT ON FACEBOOK?  A Facebook account is required to access the Private Conference Group (this account can be later deleted). If you choose not to be on Facebook please let us know, and we will send private links each day from our YouTube channel so that you are able to view all the recorded content. The emails will come to the account that you registered with. If you have any questions please contact us at:

NIADA 2021
Virtual Conference Programs

Private Facebook Group (paid registration required)

“Digital Cutting Techniques” – Catherine Mather
“The Art of Bill Nelson” – Chris Chomick
“Martha Thompson Dolls” – Diana Lence Crosby (pre-conf)
“About the NIADA Academy” – Connie Smith
“Program Title to be Announced” – Eva Hodinkova
“About Her Work and Inspirations” – Jo-Ellen Trilling
“Frida Kahlo – Her Style of Dress” – Leslie O’Leary
“Making Strong Paperclay Hands” – Luella Mossom
“Floyd Bell on his work” – Mary Ellen Frank
“Creating and 3D Printing a Doll” – Robert Tonner
“How to Photograph Your Art” – Dean Walters
“3D Projects” – Tanya Marriott
“Program Title to be Announced” – Tatiana Baeva
Visiting Artist “10 x 12” program – Shelley Thornton

“Artists in a Different Light”  (Recorded)
– NIADA Artists share their other side beyond dollmaking.
“Favorite Tools” and “Techniques” (Recorded)
– NIADA Artists share their favorite tools and/or techniques.
Artists Interview: “3 questions – 1 minute Answers” (Recorded)
– Groups of artists were asked 3 questions with 1 minute answers

Interview: “3 questions – 1 minute Answers” (Recorded)
– Patrons and Associates were asked 3 questions with 1 minute answers
Patron Collections (Recorded)
– Patrons and Associates were asked to share their collections

– To Be Announced

NIADA 2021
Art Exhibition + Auction + Market

Open to the Public

NIADA Artists Exhibition
Each participating NIADA Artist will have their own Artist Exhibit, hosted by Artwork Archive with artwork for exhibit only or available for purchase on a first come, first served basis. If you chose our VIP or CROWN registration level you will have access one day early, Wednesday, August 18 to the exhibition.

NIADA Auctions
The Silent Auction “Alter Egos” will be hosted on NIADA’s new auction website. The Auction opens Thursday, August 19th at 9:00am (EST) and ends Sunday, August 22nd at 12:00pm (noon) EST. Closing times are staggered in 5 minute (too short???) increments, please note the different closing times.

The NIADA Auction uses Proxy bidding (similar to eBay) which places bids on your behalf at the established minimum increment. To participate bidders must register on the auction website and create a bidding profile with contact information (no conference registration fee required).

The NIADA Market
Participating Artists Members will have their individual market to offer BUY IT NOW items for sale. The NIADA Market will be open Thursday, August 19th to the public and conference registrants to purchase all sorts of items often at Bargain prices. NIADA Artists can sell their kits, DVDs, books, package fabrics, trims, buttons, and unusual hand-crafted items, wearable art (eg. pins, necklaces etc.) for visitors to purchase.

The Market will be on a NIADA hosted website and available to all Artists members to sell items year-round. To participate buyers must register on the Market website and create a profile with contact information (no conference registration fee required).

Reviews of the NIADA 2020 Virtual Conference

The Virtual Conference was wonderful! I have always wanted to attend a conference but travel is not an possible for me so this was the best of all possible worlds. The demos were great, but my favorite thing was the studio tours. Seeing where the artists work was a treat. Everyone works differently and seeing their workspace is an incite to their personality. Thank you for doing this as it gives me an opportunity to travel without leaving home.

Jami R

The 2020 conference was a huge success. I enjoyed the staggered events throughout the day and the ability to view at a different time, or just review.

Lynne O.

I would be thrilled to attend a virtual conference! I have some mobility issues and this would be the fulfillment of a long time desire to experience NIADA. Thanks for the opportunity!

Sharard K.

Thank you so much for the 2020 virtual conference. It was one of the best things to happen last year. I Loved the intimacy of having the sessions in my own home where I could visit them in comfort at a time that worked for me. It was especially exciting to see the artist studio's (however they are much more organized than mine) I could clearly see the work that went into it. I have become a real fan of virtual events. No travel, and airline angst. I think this is the wave of the future. You can involve people all over the world. I really look forward to this years conference.

Anne M.

It took a while to learn how to navigate the conference, but I finally figured it out. Enjoyed it immensely especially the tour of Shelley Thornton's home and studio. In fact, I enjoyed all the studio visits. Eventually I bought one of Tatiana Baeva's necklaces. Thank you very much. A hit in my book!

Mary C.

I am so grateful that you did this for us!! It was awesome. I will attend every virtual conference you have!

Cindy D.

All the tours, presentations and demos were terrific! The overall conference presentation was so appealing and professional. It was a visual feat for the eyes and heart!

Juanita Z.

The studio tours were fabulous! It's so interesting to see each artist's work space. Such marvelous work often comes from small spaces. I also loved the 10×12 program, Stephanie's program on her Japanese trip, and Shelley's presentation on her one-woman exhibit.

Laurel B.

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