Art doll making and sculpting is my key to get away – my way away – into fantasy.

I was born and raised in Kassel, Germany, the hometown of the famous Brothers Grimm fairytale writers. Very early child hood exposure to that part of local history must have been the reason for my fascination with books, storytelling, and to choose the realistic style of illustrations as my way of expression.

From the beginning of attempting to sculpt, transforming clay into lifelike realistic figures has been magical to me. It completely captures me and is my vehicle to translate inner vision into outer reality. Influences that guide me are everything I see, feel, experience, and of course the subconscious.

I love to create “Art Dolls” because I cannot imagine a better way to express a reflection, to point towards an insight or thought. Also, the requirement of mastery in several skills makes it an always changing, evolving, addictive challenge. The possibility to tell a story by creating an “Art Doll” is truly intriguing and has endless potential.

After using Polymer Clay for many years, my current material of choice is Creative Paper Clay. I use glass eyes, mohair and, if possible, silk or cotton. I employ traditional methods and in addition, experiment with mixed media techniques.

My husband Willard is retired from the US Army. During his active duty career we moved frequently, living in Colorado, Washington State, Kentucky, off and on in Europe, and now in Texas. These experiences have made me realize that people, despite all differences, are very much alike and really share a common bond. The pieces I make have become a fantasy reflection on events, philosophies, and the people I’ve encountered past and present.

The past affects the present. With my work I am trying to enter a dialogue between present and past. The ambition that inspires the making of my work is to reflect on questions relating to history, the nature of time, change, emotion, and maybe even the meaning of life itself.