A friend once told me that a creative person will implode if they do not create. I thoroughly agree. For me, the process is the reward. I have been sewing since I was five years old, and have always been fascinated with turning the fabrics into three-dimensional forms. With faces of cloth-covered paperclay, animated gestures and carefully implemented details, my dolls come to life. Each one has a humorous story to tell. If they make you grin, they’ve done their job.

After obtaining a degree in Fine Arts from Sam Houston State University, I logged in 25 years as a graphic designer in Houston, Texas. In 2004, I traded in my computer mouse for a needle and thread, and began my next career as an original doll artist. Since then my quirky characters have appeared in galleries and exhibits, including CraftTexas. They have also been featured in various publications including Art Doll Quarterly, Doll Collector, Soft Dolls and Animals, and the books 500 Handmade Dolls and The Art of the Contemporary Doll.