For as long as I can remember I have loved to paint, sculpt and sew. I graduated from art school in 1977 and then entered the Commercial (Design) Art School, specializing in toy and doll design. I made my first doll as a graduation project in 1982. I got married the same year and took my husband’s name but kept my maiden name as my artist signature. From 1986-1991 I opened and worked at an art studio for teenagers in my hometown of Zagorsk. I was also involved in interior design and many home textile projects.

My first dolls were made out of plaster. I like to have lots of flexibility while working on an object, and do not feel comfortable with technically complicated materials like porcelain. When I tried air-drying clays, I felt that I could work with these materials to achieve my goals. I love to mix and match different media and am always looking for something new. Dolls are my passion and I feel that they are always by my side, whether I am making them for myself or for my friends. They are the most important part of my creative side; they overtook all my other art interests. I am happy to be under their spell!