When I was child my favorite pastime was sewing dresses for my dolls. I couldn’t have imagined that dolls and their dresses will be the my main occupation in adult life.

I have made my first doll in early 2000 after visiting one of the first doll shows in Moscow. I was so impressed that on the same day I decided to make a doll myself. There was no suitable materials at home, so I’ve mixed salt, flour and water. I have sculpted the doll from this improvised clay and dressed her in a Russian traditional dress. Later, when I already have took some doll classes, I experimented with different types of clay and found the one which became my favorite – the Paperclay. Recently I also have carved a wooden doll, just to try the material. I loved it so much!

I love all stages of the doll making, but the most favorite part is a costume, I always look forward to when I can start. I love everything – choosing colors and textures, making patterns, creating decorations and accessories. Ideas come from many sources – painting, movies, old photos, and sometimes even just by looking at beautiful fabric. My favorite times in fashion are 18th century and 1920s, despite the fact that they are so different. So most of my dolls are gentle ladies wearing dresses of these times. I use modern and antique fabrics and laces for their costumes.

I almost don’t do sketches because image of a future doll is always in my head. I find a large number of suitable visual materials, then begin to sculpt the face and refine the image in the process. My dolls are very calm and gentle, but each one of them has its own character and history. And I really like it when viewers begin to create their own background stories for my dolls.

I am happy that the dolls became my main occupation and passion, in spite of the fact that they have replaced a lot of my hobbies like drawing, painting, and other crafts. Since 2005 I have been taking part in doll shows in Russia and other countries. Now most of my dolls are in private collections all over the world. For the last few years I also give classes for beginners who interested in doll making.