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2017 Doll Prague Festival

In November 2017 there will be a Doll Prague Show for the fifth time. The very first one was more of a quilt show with only one doll and teddybear booth. The Show is organized by Bohdana Klatilova who also has an art doll gallery in Prague, Czech Republic. Part of the show is a well attended doll and teddy bear competition. The 2017 competition theme is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart “My Praguers understand me”.

There will be European NIADA artists present at this Show. In former years you could meet EJ Taylor, Ankie Daanen, Anna Zueva, Ana Salvador, Tamara Pivnyuk and Marlaine Verhelst. New NIADA artist Eva Hodinkova is local and a regular participant. In 2015 NIADA was offered a free booth by the Doll Prague organization. The city Prague is a kind of fairytale city, well worth visiting.

The Festival dates are November 24th – November 26th 2017
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