Sara Chason was small in stature, but very large in the eyes of NIADA.

She worked hard for NIADA, as Dallas Conference Chair in 1996, Gallery Night Chair at other conferences and as Patron Director. She was a tireless supporter of art dolls, and particularly loved smaller pieces representing children. She took a wonderful trip to Japan with husband Dave and they met many Japanese doll artists. Dave always supported Sara’s collecting and happily traveled with her throughout Japan to meet the artists and make purchases.

Sara had a beautiful, professionally-trained voice and overwhelmed attendees at the Dallas conference with the performance of several arias. She loved and was proud of her family. Dave and their two children were always her first priority.

Sara had an eye for high quality, whether it was art dolls, photographs, furniture or clothes. It’s highly appropriate that an award should be established in her name honoring a Patron who performs services for NIADA “above and beyond.”

Personal Memories of Sara Chason

Dear Diana,
Thank you so much for letting us know about Sara….not an easy piece of information to give. I am deeply grateful for the dinner out that we had with Sara and her family in Denver. It’s going to take a while to believe that we won’t again see her elfin smile or enjoy her droll sense of humor. She was a NIADA treasure, in so many ways, and simply not replaceable. I am glad she is no longer struggling with the demon called “cancer”, but, oh how I wish we’d gotten to give our two-women show for NIADA that we’d talked about for years. However, can you imagine how magically glorious the angel chorus must now be with Sara!!!
~ Pat Gould

Pat, I couldn’t agree more.
I too think of her singing with the angels. I am so sad she won’t see her children marry and have grandkids and all the wonderful things that happen later in life. She was my dearest friend at conference and it won’t be the same without her. Thank goodness I have you and laurel and Barbi and many more friends. I am glad we got to have a last conference with her. I miss her already. Diana Rew I started attending NIADA conferences over 20 years ago and didn’t know anyone at first so I brought my mother. At our first conference we were standing in line to get into the banquet dinner and fate stepped in and put Sara Chason right in front of us. We started up a conversation and decided to sit together because Sara also didn’t know many people. That was it for us, we sat together at every patron lunch and banquet for the next 20 years. We were instant best friends although we seemed to be opposites on the surface.

Sara was petite and always dressed beautifully. Her favorite was always skirts with sweater sets. I would not be described as petite and feel like it is torture if I have to give up my jeans and put a skirt on. Sara always kidded that we could go to doll art shows together because we collect different things. She favored small children and fairies and I loved adult figures, especially old people. We were never in competition for the same doll. We weren’t opposites in all things that really mattered and that was our family and mostly our children. We talked hours on end about them and shared our ups and downs. Sara stayed at my parents house in Albuquerque and we drove up to the Sante Fe Doll show a couple of times. It was a wonderful show and we got to see artists we had not seen before. For years we would play hookey one day at conference and go sight seeing in whatever city we were in. I have pictures of us at the Arch of St. Louis and by the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

One of my favorite memories was hearing her sing in Dallas. Who knows why you click with one person and not another or why one becomes important in your life right away, but for me Sara was on of those people. I will miss dearly and think of her often.
~ Diana Rew

We were privileged to hear her sing….. Sara will upstage the angels with her beautiful voice. Heaven will be even nicer now…….
~ Annie Wahl

I am so sadden by the news of Sara, I will always remember her as the spunky gal with great drive and enthusiasm!!
~ Leslie Molen

Such a sad day today for all those that had the privilege of knowing Dear Sara…. somehow the world seems a little less complete. She will forever be in our hearts, minds and souls…. Love and comforting wishes to her family…
~ Jodi and Richard Creager

I liked Sara very much and admired her spirit and her passion for dolls. NIADA was a better organization because of her presence and support. This is a sad day.
~ Nancy Wiley

Sara exemplified the quote “Good things come in small packages.” I will always remember her beautiful voice, her sweet smile, her support of NIADA and her courage. “The song is ended, but the melody lingers on.”
~ Stephanie Blythe

Dear All. What can we say…now again we realize life is so precious, especially when we still have our beloved around us! We will miss Sara!!!!
~ Ankie Daanen

I remember Sara. We often chatted at conference. Once we had dinner together at an Indian Restaurant near the hotel in Washington D.C. She was soft-spoken, kind hearted and sincere. I always enjoyed talking with her. I remember how much I enjoyed hearing her sing at one of the banquets. She had a very beautiful voice. She will be sadly missed at conference.
~ Dianna Effner

I was deeply saddened to learn of Sara’s death. Sara and I bonded during the 1990 NIADA Conference in Washington, D.C., when we found we were both headed to visit the same crafts gallery. During the shopping trip we discovered we had both attended Brown University at the same time; during the balance of the conference we discovered we shared a mutual love for the same artist dolls. Plus, when it came to height, we stood pretty much eye to eye–an experience we rarely had with other adults. I’m so very sorry I will never see her again.
~ Krystyna Poray Goddu