My journey to become a doll artist was a long one: since 2006 I had mastered various techniques of doll making (papier-mâché, living doll, paperclay), which brought along priceless experience, but only porcelain let me discover my unique style, since 2010 I have been creating dolls from porcelain. My dolls are movable (BJD) because I prefer my dolls to have multiple levels of expression.

For my dolls, I use the highest quality Parisian porcelain, which is fired in a muffle furnace at a temperature of 1250°C. Painting the dolls with special over-glaze paints, followed by firing at 800°C. This method guarantees that the doll’s look would not fade away.

I personally perform every step in the doll creation process without external help: make the master doll out of papier-mâché, create the plaster mold. I start from scratch: create a new doll master, and then plaster mold. In the mold will be released no more than ten dolls. Despite the fact that their basic form is the same, each doll has its own character. I made a lot of effort to create my great personalities – smiles, eye contours, melancholic or joyful poses. I pay a lot of attention to costume design for the doll. All clothing items are removable and made of natural and often antique materials. I am happy that my dolls have fans all over the world and live in collectors’ houses in Russia, Europe, England, America.

My credo: beauty is hidden in harmony. I attempt to achieve harmony by combining lines, materials, and factures.