In these three works, we show pre-revolutionary Russia.
The costumes, the furniture, the dishes are made in the style of the 1870’s-1890’s.

We are AnyaManya, a creative duet of twin sisters. When we were 5 years old, our mom sent us to an art studio and then Kazan Theater College. And we fell in love with the dolls immediately. We were so captivated by the process of creating dolls, and the ability to turn ideas and new characters into reality fascinated us. By the age of 7, we had taken part in 2 solo exhibitions. After that, we have been professionally studying as doll artists since 2000. Since then, dolls became an important part of our life, and now we cannot imagine our life without creativity.

EXHIBITIONS: We have exhibited dolls In the Vakhtanov Doll Gallery and in the Elena Gromova Art Gallery in Moscow.
Since 2007, we have been regular participants in the international exhibitions “Art of Doll”, “Doll Salon” and “Ball of dolls” in Moscow. Published in Art Dolls & Bears Magazine (the Vakhtanov Doll Gallery), Puppet Master Magazine
AWARDS: The winner of the award “Childhood Dream”, Moscow 2009.
PANDORA PLATINUM (2016), Saint-Petersburg.
Bronze medals (2015) for contributions to Russian fine arts at the ‘Idel Art’ exhibition from the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.