Combining the line and form of sculpture with the playful anima of puppetry has been my livelihood for more than 20 years. I stumbled into it during my time as a textile associate with Mermaid Theater of Nova Scotia. A desire to do more than clothe puppets and puppeteers was part of creating my first little doll. Enchanted from the first moment, that doll still sits in my studio charming everyone who sees her.

The gesture of my work draws on a continuing practice and study of the human figure. Quietly engaging the tender emotional place I work from with an earned depth of experience, my intention is to carry a silent imprint or sense of emotion through the posture and expression of the figure evolving in front of me. Built using a simple armature that is movable throughout its construction, a tangible sense of emerging comes naturally to the finished sculpture. In fact, movement is part of the design.

I am proud to have created figures for Cirque du Soleil, which were sold internationally. For twenty years I produced an annual collection for  the One-of-A-Kind Show in Toronto. In 2012 I began to teach others what I have taught myself: a method and approach to building sculptural character. Fueled by the enthusiasm of the students, I facilitate everything from discovering a new art form to finding the confidence to tackle a career.