I have often wondered if there is some deep intellectual and spiritual reason for making dolls. The simple truth is that I cannot imagine doing anything else. It has become my life’s focus. I have found joy, passion and a never-ending challenge in this art form. I am a self-taught artist, which I’m very proud of.

In 1987, I discovered polymer clay and the world of doll art; there was no turning back. When I discovered doll sculpting, everything I had experienced came together to create this art form. Each one of my dolls is a one-of-a-kind made of polymer clay.  Realism has been my goal. I hope people can appreciate the serenity and romance in my sculptures, but above all, I want them to appreciate the quality of my work. Before becoming a doll artist I spent years mastering, and becoming bored with, a multitude of different media. With the discovery of doll sculpting, my talent and passion merged.

In 2001 I was honored to become a member of NIADA. This has been a wonderful journey and I’m curious as to where it will lead me. In 2004 I added teaching to my journey. I love this aspect of the art doll world. I feel that teaching has made me a better artist.