I have been a dedicated doll artist for more than 30 years. Originally I was a schoolteacher, but I was always searching for an outlet for my creativity. When I saw a doll exhibition, it changed my life. I became a dollmaker. All of my dolls, which I make from porcelain and creative paperclay, are one of a kind. Each one has a different theme. I give them human expressions, but with a touch of humor, so that they look like they come from a different world. I love to think “out of the box” when making my dolls. I am always looking for new experiences that will inspire me to make more interesting dolls and to become a better artist.

I teach classes all over the world, as well as a few on-line classes every year. I encourage students to host one of my classes. My colleague Marlaine Verhelst and I travel around the world teaching a five-day course we call The Dutch Touch all over the world. Once or twice a year I hold Ankie´s Dollmaking Holiday Class in Spain. My work can be found in many private collections and museum collections. I hope that the dolls I make remain in people’s memories.