Nowadays I consider myself a doll artist. But I’ve practiced other art forms since I was very young. I started making dolls after a trip to Helsinki in 1999 where I saw my first art dolls, which I found beautiful and intriguing. I really wanted to buy one but they were too expensive. I was so frustrated that I decided to make one myself. Since then, I’ve been addicted.Polymer clay has been my favorite medium for a long time, but I always need to experiment further. I use porcelain for my BJD (ball-jointed doll) line. It’s been a big challenge to learn to make an articulated prototype that imitates human movement, and to learn all the technical aspects of working with porcelain and mold making–but it’s all worth it since there is a whole universe of new ideas that I’m able to concretize.

Doll art embodies everything I like to do; sculpture, painting, drawing, clothes designing. It is my passion, my work, and my form of expression. I aim to create the figures formed in my mind, and I use my work as a channel for communicating emotions. My inspiration comes from many sources: the human body, my great passion for antiques, ornaments, fabrics, laces. Many artists, whose work I admire, also tickle my desire to run to my work table—this is why I applied for NIADA membership: to be part of the community of dolls artists who have inspired me for so long.