I was born in Colombia, South America, and grew up in Houston, Texas, but have spent most of my life in Canada. I became intrigued by the concept of capturing the likeness of a child when my own children were young, and soon developed a passion for creating dolls. Although my background contributed skills such as design, sculpting, painting and costuming, dollmaking was a new field for me, and I am largely self-taught.

I now live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, with my husband, our dog Tessa, and my feline studio assistant, Sophie. My studio overlooks a daisy-strewn meadow, and offers glimpses of the ocean through the forest that lies beyond the meadow. I never tire of the challenge of portraying the natural charm of children in porcelain, nor of creating and embellishing their costumes. To be able to study the image of a child, imagine her personality and envision her costuming, and then to bring that child to ‘life’ using only raw materials such as porcelain, paints and fabrics, is to create magic!In addition to my originals, my work includes designing dolls for the wider market. I’ve been making dolls since 1989, and have been an artist member of NIADA since 1997.