Please view the instructional video before setting up your Shop

This is our new online Market for participating NIADA Members to setup their individual shops to offer BUY IT NOW items for sale, there is no bidding. To participate Members must register on the Market and create a profile before setting up your shops.

The items listed will be similar the Flea Market sales tables at our Conference where members sell package fabrics, trims, notions, doll making accessories, buttons, and NIADA Artists DVDs, books, hand-crafted items, kits, wearable art (eg. pins, necklaces etc.).

At this time we are limiting the number of listings to 10 per member — same multiple items like DVDs, kits, pins etc. are considered 1 listing that can be relisted when sold.

After the Conference, the Market will be available all year round for members to restock their shops or offer new items for sale. At that time you will be able to submit a banner image to customize your Shop.

It is highly recommended members have a PayPal account since it is the primary payment method available (Buyers can use a credit card, a PayPal account is not required.)

“How to setup your shop on the NIADA Market”

The Market will be open during
the 2021 Virtual Conference
Thursday, August 19th – Sunday, August 22nd

Shop Submission Form

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    Location* eg. State, Country

    NIADA Member* ArtistPatronAssociate
    Year you became a member*

    Seller Profile: Use my Artist portfolio bio and contact info
    NO BIO -- Use this information for my Seller Profile (include social links)

    1.Your Shop Name:

    2. Shop banner information: Use the Market banner information
    My shop banner information:

    3. My Shop Item Titles: Limit 10 Listings.
    IMPORTANT! Be sure to include your INITIALS in the title of EACH listing (Example: CM-Vintage Lace, CM-Silk Fabrics)

    4. Upload your profile JPG or PNG image - 300px x 300px
    This image will be used on your Market page along with your bio.
    IMPORTANT! Label the file with your name!

    5. Upload your Shop thumbnail JPG or PNG image - 300px x 400px
    This thumbnail image represents your shop on the main Market page
    IMPORTANT! Label the file with your name!

    6. Upload your Shop Banner JPG image - 1600px x 600px

    Please confirm you have provided the NIADA Market Site Admin your Shop information.
    Yes - I have provided my Shop information

    QUESTIONS: Contact Chris Chomick
    Visit the NIADA MARKET:


    DO NOT use the REGISTER button to create your profile, this is for USER/BUYER registration. Click MEMBER REGISTRATION on the top menu to set up your shop.

    Your ‘Buy It Now’ Shop Setup

    NIADA Members = Sellers/Merchants

    Shop Management
    – Sellers can set up and manage their own Market Listings via their Shop admin panel.
    – Sellers can also edit their Market Listings, close them out early, Relist or delete their own listings.
    – The Market Site Administrator cannot edit or delete any Seller shop.
    — Items listed maybe subject to removal by the Market Site Administrator.
    – Sellers need to notify Market Site Administrator of new listings in order to link item to their Shop (does not apply to Relisted items)
    Sellers Cannot…
    – Sellers cannot edit any Shop settings, except for what is mentioned in the “Seller Account Settings” documentation below.
    – Sellers cannot edit any other Seller Shop except their own.
    – Sellers cannot create Posts or Pages to show their Listings (only the Market Admin).
    – Sellers cannot create new categories for their Listings (only the Market Admin).
    Sellers Can…
    – Sellers can update their 300x300px Profile image (only through the Account Login area)
    – Sellers can only accept PayPal (Credit Card) payments for their sold listings.
    – Sellers can create as many listings as they wish and relist items.
    – Sellers can add a shipping price to their items.
    — Sellers can provide their own Shop Banner image 1600 x 600px to the Market Site Admin along with header copy (after the Conference)

    Seller Account Settings
    Sellers can set up their Shop settings via their default WordPress profile page. These include:
    1. PayPal account: Sellers can enter the PayPal email they wish to get paid at for their shop on the NIADA Market site. All payments for NIADA Member sales are handled between the Member and the Buyer.
    2. Email notifications: Sellers can receive notifications when an item has been sold.
    3. Bidder Blacklist: Sellers can ban certain email addresses from bidding. As all buyers are linked by their email address a Seller can ban any fraudsters or spammers from bidding on their auctions. This does not affect auctions held by other Sellers.
    4. Shop Listings: A list of all current and closed (sold) listings are shown to the Seller as well as the Buyer email.