Artist Statement
Art has always been in my life and the idea of making dolls was with me for a while until I made my first doll out of wool in 2013. I got hooked right away but the process and the material was not exactly matching my personality. As a painter and being visually obsessed with faces, I couldn’t have my complete freedom with the wool. In 2014, I discovered Paperclay and that was it! In 2015, I attended my first NIADA conference and it was the greatest inspiration of all. Doll making changed the focus of my life as all my skills, fantasies and experience happened to be very handy – sculpture, painting, theater, literature, felting and fashion.

My favorite creative stage in doll making reminds me of painting because it was always my absolute pleasure and it is another reason why I like Paperclay so much – it has the surface similar to paper or canvas. For me, doll making is an art, a self-expression. It’s my view of the world, my fantasies and my experiences in the art shape of a little human. Yes, a doll is very personal. Despite the fact that dolls connect us to lots of superstitions, for me, the doll remains exclusively an artwork. Creation of a doll for me is no different from any other creative process. Maybe it is a little more sentimental than other forms of art. The process formulates a personal message – a demonstration of your inner child. It’s very similar to poetry in this sense.

BA in Fine Arts, Udmurt State University, Russia

Artist membership questionnaire

Do you have any doll-related work experiences?
Have you exhibited your dolls?
List of exhibitions: March 2016: International Ball of Auther Dolls. Moscow, Russia.
April 2016: Art Doll Expo. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
July 2016: Annual Juried Art Show – Art Source Gallery, Boise, Idaho.
April 2017: Show Off, Fine Art Show, Eagle, Idaho.
July 2017: Annual Juried Art Show – Art Source Gallery, Boise, Idaho.
October 2017: International Salon of Author Dolls. Moscow, Russia.
August 2018: International Art Doll Expo, Summer in Preili. Preili, Latvia.
March 2019: We Art Woman, Juried Art Show – Art Source Gallery, Boise, Idaho.
May 2019: Quinlan Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention. Philadelphia, PA.
June 2019: ID&TC show. Orlando, FL.
July 2019: Friducha Art Show – La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA.
August 2019: International Art Doll Expo, Summer in Preili. Preili, Latvia.
Oct 2020: We Art Woman, Juried Art Show – Art Source Gallery, Boise, Idaho.
Have your dolls been published in any books or magazines?
Publications: Art Doll Quarterly – Fall 2013, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2018 – an article on website.
Have you won any doll related awards?
2016; 2nd Place. 2020; Best of Show, Art Source Gallery, Fine Art juried expo, Boise, US. 2019; People’s Favorite, Art Doll Expo, Preili, Latvia
How long have you been creating dolls?
Since 2013
How did you get started in dollmaking?
Art has always been in my life – mostly painting. I was in an art studio, then graduated with a BA Degree in Fine Arts from a university in Russia. When I moved to America I tried different art mediums like felting, illustration, digital painting, but I felt there was always something missing. When I was into fiber art as in “nuno felting”, wet felting technique creating clothing commissions, I was thinking more and more about three-dimensional forms and tried needle felting. After that came animals, and shortly after that my first doll. Creating a little human mesmerized my senses.
List any art, dollmaking, or collecting organizations to which you belong?
In what medium do you work?
Paperclay, mixed media.
If you work in reproductive media, do you make your own molds?
What type of paint do you use? Do you have a preferred painting technique?
Acrylic, watercolor, pastel, watercolor pencils
Do you make your own wigs? Please describe your process?
Most of the time I’m using glue to attach locks. But if I need a removable wig, I’m creating a cap out a few layers of Elmer’s glue and then gluing locks on that cap.
Do you make your own accessories? Please describe your process?
Yes. They can be sculpted, needle felted, nuno felted or created from scraps and unusual objects.
Do you make your own clothing? Please detail any help you may have in pattern drafting or construction of clothing?
Normally I’m getting patterns for clothing by wrapping the doll in paper towels and trace it. Or just “playing” with the fabrics on the doll itself. Sometimes its sewing and other times it’s fabric hardener and glue.
Do you have assistants? What do they contribute to your work?
Have you designed dolls, toys or other work for commercial manufacture?
How do you sell your dolls? (wholesale, retail, consignment, commissioned work)?
Art Shows, Website, Facebook, Instagram. Ebay
Do you advertise? (if so, where)
Website, Facebook, Instagram
Why do you want to be a member of NIADA?
Since I realized that doll art is so important to me, and I found out about NIADA, there was no doubt I wanted to be part of it. Being part of an organization with such high standards, substantial history and traditions, would enrich any artist. At the NIADA conferences, the amount of inspiration and support was incredible. To meet and share my passion with some of the best in this field is priceless. I want to be an active part of NIADA, share my art, my thoughts, and help to promote doll art.