Artist Statement
I like nosy dolls with alternative anatomy. I think that nose gives a doll a vivid personality. Also I think that a doll should be ironic and carry a bit of humor. Alternative anatomy helps me to achieve that goal. I’m captivated by paper and the possibilities it gives. Characters, clothes, accessories can be made out of paper. It also gives durability to the pieces. That is why I mostly work in papier-mâché technique.
My characters come from books and fairy tales I read as a little girl. I’m fascinated by historical costumes, the medieval era and its color palette. My dolls are all about characters frozen in a moment, like artists taking a theatrical pause.

Master of Economics

Artist membership questionnaire

Do you have any doll-related work experiences?
Have you exhibited your dolls?
Have your dolls been published in any books or magazines?
Have you won any doll-related awards?
How long have you been creating dolls?
8 years
How did you get started in dollmaking?
I became fascinated by polymer clay, and so I started to sculpt simple figures and jewelry from it. When I found out that I could actually make real dolls, I dug into anatomy to see how to make doll stylization purposeful. Then, I discovered Creative Paperclay and fell in love with it, too. In fact, captivated by the process, I started sculpting doll faces 24/7. Through this, I grew as an artist: while at first I would make boudoir dolls with cute girlish faces, very soon my art vision gained complexity. I found out that I like big noses, bald heads, and faces that carry imperfect personalities. I had tried many fields of art before, but only dollmaking makes me really happy and allows me to express myself. I’m excited to see where I will go with NIADA’s help and influences.
List any art, dollmaking, or collecting organizations to which you belong?
In what medium do you work?
Papier-mâché, air dry clays (Creative Paperclay and Activa La Doll Premier), Jovi Pat Mache
If you work in reproductive media, do you make your own molds?
What type of paint do you use? Do you have a preferred painting technique?
I use acrylic paints. Typically I work from dark to light: First I paint the dark color overall and then I use dry brush technique to add colors and accents.
Do you make your own wigs? Please describe your process?
I typically prefer bald characters. But sometimes I use threads, raffia, ropes or paper. I just glue it to the character’s head in needed style.
Do you make your own accessories? Please describe your process?
I often use precious metal clay, wood, papier-mâché.
Do you make your own clothing? Please detail any help you may have in pattern drafting or construction of clothing?
Despite dressing my characters in papier-mâché, I still need to create patterns and designs. I like to make stylized historical costumes, so I research the era and fashion for my character to create distinct designs. Before that, I make the skeleton of the doll’s body using food wrap and painters’ tape and sketch out every fold and crease of the costume.
Do you have assistants? What do they contribute to your work?
Have you designed dolls, toys or other work for commercial manufacture?
How do you sell your dolls? (wholesale, retail, consignment, commissioned work)?
I typically sell on my instagram page by personal inquiries.
Do you advertise? (if so, where)
Why do you want to be a member of NIADA?
NIADA is an unique opportunity for me to be a part of a professional community which shares the same love of dolls and doll making. I look forward to learning from people whose creations I love, get their feedback, share their excitement about artmaking and contribute back. I believe that the NIADA membership will help me to grow as an artist and a professional.
I am looking forward to seeing you all this summer conference in person.