Artist Statement
It is our differences that make us individual and memorable. My figurative illustrations are intended to invoke appreciation of our differences.
A mixed media artist with a passion for natural elements, I work predominantly with gourds. I combine traditional gourd art techniques with an unconventional twist. My figures are whimsical and unusual. They are all, by virtue of the content and contents, one of a kind pieces.
I rarely start a new doll with more than a general idea. Like cloud watchers find fantastic images, I am often gifted with a gourd’s intention and we find our way together. It is delightful to meet my characters during the process.
I render details with free hand pyrography. The rich, earthy tones of my color signature are created by the marriage of transparent inks with the natural colors and blemishes provided by the gourds. It is the blemishes and completely individual shapes that make this my favorite medium.
These ancient vegetables were likely some of the first dolls on earth. It is my ambition to bring a few of them back to life as art dolls. It shouldn’t be too hard. After all there’s magic in every new gourdpile.

Associates in art in Sociology
Associates in science in Nursing

Artist membership questionnaire

Do you have any doll-related work experiences?
Have you exhibited your dolls?
I have exhibited at The Georgia National Fair for many years. I also exhibit at the Georgia Gourd Society Annual Show and Competition.
Have your dolls been published in any books or magazines?
Yes, they have appeared in Stampington’s ADQ twice. They have appeared in The Gourd Magazine (American Gourd Society) many times including a featured artist article in the 2021 winter issue.
Have you won any doll-related awards?
I have taken ribbons at the Georgia National Fair Fine Art professional division for textile, mixed media and gourd art categories.
How long have you been creating dolls?
I started making dolls out of all sorts of things when I was a kid. I started taking it more seriously in 2009.
How did you get started in dollmaking?
I was making cloth and gourd dolls after being exposed to ADQ. I saw a Carol Duval episode that featured Debra Pope’s wonderful dolls and then I was hooked. I have been artistic since I could hold a crayon….incidentally I never stayed within the lines. The fact that dollmaking exercises so many skills made it enticing.
List any art, dollmaking, or collecting organizations to which you belong?
Georgia Gourd Society, American Gourd Society, NIADA patron member.
In what medium do you work?
Gourds and mixed media.
If you work in reproductive media, do you make your own molds?
What type of paint do you use? Do you have a preferred painting technique?
Inks, acrylic….pyrography.
Do you make your own wigs? Please describe your process?
Do you make your own accessories? Please describe your process?
I try to use organic elements as often as possible. Each one is a new adventure.
Do you make your own clothing? Please detail any help you may have in pattern drafting or construction of clothing?
My clothing is usually “burned” on. I am currently experimenting with leather, but minimally.
Do you have assistants? What do they contribute to your work?
Have you designed dolls, toys or other work for commercial manufacture?
How do you sell your dolls? (wholesale, retail, consignment, commissioned work)?
I have sold at the Gourd shows and at the Fair.
Do you advertise? (if so, where)
I have not as yet.
Why do you want to be a member of NIADA?
I want to continue to grow. When you plant a seedling you put it into the richest medium you can find. NIADA is my garden.