Artist Statement
I have been fascinated by dolls and toys since my childhood. I believe a fairytale story from the shores of the White Sea published as a book with characters I create being a doll artist is a dream to come true one day. My aim is to get the world around me acquainted with my project, my fairytale story – Kingdom of White Nights and Lingonberry Lands. I would like to have a chance to tell the story not only to my hometown citizens and exhibition visitors but to people overseas, in other cities and countries.
Each doll is a unique character having a story behind and it is important to me that all of them look lively. I am happy when my dolls get new owners and homes. Though I do not sell some of them. They stay in Art Doll Gallery I started in 2017 in my hometown.
As an artist I am seeking for a new experience, techniques and materials. I would like to discover how to apply materials in a new way and find new combinations, to enhance my skills in doll making, to meet doll artists all over the world and make friends. I would be happy to share my experience as well and teach kids and adults.

I graduated as a handicrafts teacher specialized in woodwork & metalwork. And I am a wood and glass painting artist.

Artist membership questionnaire

Do you have any doll-related work experiences?
I am a team-leader in Russian Art Doll Manufacture. We create Christmas tree decorations. Small art dolls made of cotton wool and potato starch used as adhesive material as it was done in old times in Russia.
I have been working on my personal project for 11 years. Art dolls making is my everyday work all year round. Sometimes, being on vacation I am busy with stitching and sketching or imagining a doll character. So I can say I have quite a vast doll-related work experience.
Have you exhibited your dolls?
Since 2009 I have been a member of local, regional, Russian and International Exhibitions. Annually I take part in three Art Dolls International Exhibitions in Moscow as well as Folk Art (arts & crafts) Exhibitions held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Prior to Covid-19 situation I was an active participant in exhibitions taking place in Israel, Republic of Belarus, the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia and Norway.
“Holiday of dolls in Izmailovo”, “PANNA DOLYA”, “Spring ball of dolls. Moscow. Tishinka”, “The Big Event Show” March, “International Arctic Exhibition of Author’s Dolls”, ART of Dolls “NukuKunst”, “Dolls’ Summer in Preili”, “Art & Dolls Expo Jerusalem”, “Intergift” Madrid; “XV International Autumn Salon of Author’s Dolls”, “The Big Event Show” October; Solo exhibition at the Russian Embassy in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Have your dolls been published in any books or magazines?
My dolls were published twice in Russian encyclopedia named Dolls of the World as well as in Russian and International catalogues and last year there was an article about me and my dolls in Magazine Poppen & Teddy-Beer, the Netherlands magazine.
Have you won any doll-related awards?
I got a cup on Moscow International Art Dolls Exhibition twice as well as won a prize in Latvia, Preili on Dolls Festival.
How long have you been creating dolls?
I made my first doll in 2006. Since 2009, I have been doing this professionally. Since then, it has become my life’s work.
How did you get started in dollmaking?
I’ve always liked dolls as well as fairy tales ever since I was a child. In 2001, I got a job in the ceramic workshop as a moulder of three-dimensional clay products. I was very lucky to have a good mentor there. He taught me the basics of modeling and sculpture. This job was my first small step to realization my childhood dream about creating my own dolls.
At first it was ceramic figures and panels (panneau) and then dolls. The heads, handles and legs of dolls were made of baked clay and attached to a metal skeleton. In 2008, I found out about a new material for me – paperclay and started using it to make dolls. And the same year I found out that Art Doll making is a special field of art and started to visit exhibitions, meet Artists, discover materials to be used.
List any art, dollmaking, or collecting organizations to which you belong?
As of now I do not belong to any art, doll-making or collecting organizations.
In what medium do you work?
I use different materials in my work: porcelain, paperclay, livingdoll and other polymer clays. I use wool felting, leather, antique cloth, lace for dolls’ clothing and custom-made metal accessories.
If you work in reproductive media, do you make your own molds?
No molds are made for my dolls as I make them fully hand-crafted as unique pieces of art.
What type of paint do you use? Do you have a preferred painting technique?
I normally use velvety matt acrylic paint (Marabu Decormatt Acryl) made in Germany and chalk pastel with clear fixing lacquer.
Do you make your own wigs? Please describe your process?
For smaller dolls I normally make wigs myself using goat tresses in bundles dyeing them and attaching one by one and then covering the joints. I then do hair style and fix it with hair spray. I use ready-made wigs only of good quality mohair mostly for Kings and Quines of my fairytale.
Do you make your own accessories? Please describe your process?
Yes, I make accessories as purses, toys, magic sticks, backpacks etc. For example, I have hand-made leather and felt backpacks. I usually order fabricated parts for chairs and thrones then dye them and decorate, add cushions or throw blankets. Even if I use some ready-made accessories I always modify them to make them look like old – fashioned pieces, use paper clay to modify the shape, decorate them etc. Thus all my accessories look unique.
Do you make your own clothing? Please detail any help you may have in pattern drafting or construction of clothing?
I make fabric clothes myself or do felting. Sewing patterns I make using draping method when a doll is initially draped with crumpled paper imitating fabric. When sewing patterns is made on paper I copy it to the fabric to be used for doll clothes. I always use clothes lining and make clothes look a bit old dyeing it with the help of tea or coffee or special fabric dyes. Metal buttons, beads, semi-precious stones and leather patches are often stitched to the clothes.
Do you have assistants? What do they contribute to your work?
I have two assistants helping me with promotion and Instagram as well as getting ready for exhibitions, packing, making certificates for the dolls while the dolls are hand crafted by me.
Have you designed dolls, toys or other work for commercial manufacture?
Yes, I have designed dolls and toys for commercial manufacturing.
How do you sell your dolls? (wholesale, retail, consignment, commissioned work)?
Mostly my dolls are sold at International exhibitions. Unfortunately, only Moscow and Saint Petersburg exhibitions are currently accessible. We sell dolls via Instagram and Etsy as well so some of them are in USA, Australia and Europe now. I create portrait dolls on request but very rarely. I make them fairytale style like fantasy dolls.
Do you advertise? (if so, where)
Yes, I do monthly targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram plus Etsy. I try to get publications with me and my dolls. Participation in exhibitions is a live advertising. I take part in competitions as well. These are the ways I use to get my project popular.
Why do you want to be a member of NIADA?
I took part in the Niada Conference in August last year. I have heard a lot about new techniques and saw many inspiring Doll Artists.
I would appreciate it greatly to have a chance to be a part of new Conferences and exhibitions. Being a member of NIADA would be complimenting to me as a Doll Artist. It would mean that my project is recognized.
I would be happy to share my experience and upgrade my skills getting to know new ways of dolls making and discovering new materials.
It is very precious for own progress and enhancement of skills to be surrounded by professionals who can give a good advice and reasonable feedback on a work which I always fall short of when working alone.
It would be an honour to become a member of NIADA.