I made my first art doll back in 1998. The first Pierrot, carved from plaster, was imperfect, but he completely reflected my emotions and thoughts. This inspired me to go on with making dolls.In fact, my first doll was a puppet. I had made several years before in a puppet theater as a decorator. I gained invaluable experience there working with different materials. My experience in the theater came in useful when I later worked as a teacher in an art school for children teaching drawing and sculpture.

My students created dolls and costumes as their theses. Meanwhile, I graduated from the graphic art faculty of a College. Incidentally, in my thesis I also focused on dolls and the history of the costume.Gradually, dolls became my business card and introduced me to interesting people in the field of architecture and design. Thus in 2001 I received an offer to work as a decorator in one of the leading architecture bureaus in Moscow. I stayed there for 15 years:first as a decorator and then,in the last three years, as an art director of the company. There I led joint projects collections, in which I created color stylistics, developed sketches of interiors and individually selected fabric collections.

No matter how rewarding, this work gave me little opportunity to make dolls as they require time and full immersion.And finally I have fully dedicated my time and energy to what I really love and what allows me to fully express myself. I use porcelain to make my dolls. In the making,  I follow the classical pattern-master-model, plaster form, porcelain slip, grinding, firing at 1220°C (2228°F)

I perform all manufacturing stages by myself with no third-party manufacturers involved. I use almost no paint to color faces of my dolls.  My goal here is to emphasize that special something showing when lighting, time of day, or even the mood of the viewer change. Through simplicity of lines and forms and a minimum of details on the face and clothes I wish to convey an emotional pattern of the character. I have returned to the world of dolls after a fifteen-year break and found it fascinating. I am getting to know the world! Sharing experience and sharing energy with people close to you in spirit – I think it’s just great!