Standards PART 2: Portfolio Review

Viewed by all NIADA Artist members for evaluation

Score sheet

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Select a score number, if you are giving a score of 1 or 2 please explain why. Please score the following artists applications 1 – 5 according to the following criteria –

5 = All objectives met
4 = A positive vote with reservations
2 = A negative vote but shows promise
1 = None of the objectives are met

Please add comments
These will be sent to the artists if they request their comments. They will not have your name attached but will be helpful to an artist to understand why they received the score they did. They do not receive their score but only a notification that they passed or did not pass. Your comments and feedback are an important part of this process.

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Please use these guidelines

Excellence of Execution

  • The work must be well-made and impeccably finished.  A mastery of the medium used should be apparent.
  • Sculpting should be flawless and proportions accurate or harmoniously fitting the concept of the piece if exaggerated.
  • Hair should be of a material appropriate to the piece and flawlessly applied.
  • Costuming should be well conceived and expertly sewn, using fabric appropriate to the figure’s scale or its intended effect.


  • A NIADA Artist must be trusted to exhibit the highest quality of workmanship in every piece.
  • Each NIADA Artist should reflect and represent the organization with the highest personal standards for their work.

Identity of Design

  • Every NIADA Artist should have a style of working that is utterly unique and recognizable.
  • This is an essential element of NIADA’s standards; each NIADA Artist’s having a true signature style elevates the work into the realm of high art.

The 2022 PART 2 Applicants are as follows: click to view the portfolios

Meagan Lillich-Sang

Application Part 2: Meagan Lillich

Nadia Yukhanova

Applicant Part 2: Nadia Yukhanova

Irina Cherepanova

Applicant Part 2: Irina Cherepanova

Karin Anderson

Applicant Part 2: Karin Anderson