Application for
NIADA Artist Membership – Part 2

Review of Recent Work

Applicants who pass PART 1 will be invited to submit a collection of their recent work in sharp, clear still photos with a neutral background accompanied by written information. Dolls submitted should include full bodies.

This submission will be viewed by all NIADA Artist Members for evaluation. Those receiving a passing score will be notified late February.
Part 2 Submission Deadline: January 15, 2022

The PART 2 application must include:

The filled-out online form below, and the specified images of your work.

1. A short Artist statement
(up to 300 words) about your work and aspirations as a doll artist from a personal point of view.

2. Artist Membership questionnaire.
Please answer all questions.

3. Images
Submit your images online using the free file sharing service Wetransfer to Marlaine Verhelst

Image requirements
– One (1) each of five (5) different completed full-body dolls
– One imageĀ  (1) of an undressed doll
– One (1) of the original molds (if you use reproductive media)
– One (1) photo of the artist

IMPORTANT – Please read:

Note: Additional high quality photos of any size may be included. All images need to be saved as a JPG, maximum 3200px at the longest length, 200dpi. Please label your files with your name and image number (example: ArtistName_001). Submit titles and a short description of your work numbered in the same order as your images.

    NOTE: All fields are REQUIRED -- add N/A if answer does not apply to avoid error message.

    Your Name (required)

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    Your Artist Name

    Website or online portfolio

    Artist Statement (300 words)


    Do you have any doll-related work experiences?

    Have you exhibited your dolls? (please list where)

    Have your dolls been published in any books or magazines?

    Have you won any doll related awards?

    How long have you been creating dolls?

    How did you get started in dollmaking?

    List any art, dollmaking, or collecting organizations to which you belong?

    In what medium do you work?

    If you work in reproductive media, do you make your own molds?

    What type of paint do you use? (do you have a preferred painting technique)

    Do you make your own wigs? (please describe your process)

    Do you make your own accessories? (please describe your process)

    Do you make your own clothing? (please detail any help you may have in pattern drafting or construction of clothing)

    Do you have assistants? (what do they contribute to your work)

    Have you designed dolls, toys or other work for commercial manufacture?

    How do you sell your dolls? (wholesale, retail, consignment, commissioned work)?

    Do you advertise? (if so, where)

    Why do you want to be a member of NIADA?