Applicant 2021_006

ARTIST MEMBER APPLICATION ~ Initial Image Review :: Images submitted by applicant for evaluation by the Standards Committee.

Gourds, inks, wax based pencils, rayon, wire, floral tape, wood epoxy, bamboo, glass head pins, wood pedestal; 20″ x 9″ x 9″; created 2021
The details including facial figures on all four of these figures were rendered with 0.4mm pyrographic stylus stippling. Her rayon cloak has a burned hem edge. She was one of two pieces for Stampington’s special issue, but was lost by USPS for 70 days and missed the submission deadline. Figure is made from four gourds, placed on artist-distressed wood pedestal.

Gourds, inks, wax based pencils, glass head pins, cotton over paper coiling, scrim, wire, floral tape, enhanced commercial trim, wooden base; 15″x5.5″x5″; created 2021
This piece was an exploration of coiling application. The head and hat are ornamental gourds. The hat is decorated with enhanced commercial trim. The body/dress, and sleeves are made from gourds. The feet are gourd shards. She stands on an artist refinished bun foot.

“Fée Marraine and her Calabash of Magi”
Gourd, coiling, wood epoxy, fabric, inks, wax based pencils, floral elements, wire, floral tape, altered small jewelry findings, salvage wood pedestal, wood dowel; 17″x8″x8″, created 2021
The title is French for fairy godmother. The hat and head are made from ornamental gourds. The body is a single gourd. The arms are jointed, made from gourd pieces. She holds a small dowel wand and a basket made from gourd. Her feet are sculpted wood epoxy. She stands on a refinished pedestal.

Gourds, wool, wood epoxy, wax based pencils, acrylic paint, wire, floral tape, leather, electrical cord, wood base; 17″x9″x7″; created 2021
Wimoweh’s mane is rooted felting wool. His head is a single ornamental gourd. His garments and body are decorated gourd pieces. His feet are gourd shards with wood epoxy “knuckles.” The wrinkles over his feet are also wood epoxy. The facial features were created as discussed previously and stippled to provide a softer image. He stands on a wood base.

Detail view Image
Detail view of “Wimoweh”

Application Standards

Excellence of Artistry
  • Every applicant should hold the highest personal standards for his or her work.
  • The work must be well-designed, made, and finished.
  • The work must show excellent control of the medium.
  • Sculpting should be flawless, with accurate proportions or, if exaggerated, should harmoniously fit the concept of the piece.
  • Hair should be of a material appropriate to the piece and flawlessly applied.
  • Costuming should be created out of a good idea or concept and be expertly made, using materials appropriate to the figure’s scale or its intended effect.
Identity of Design
  • Every applicant should have a style of working that is unique, consistent, and recognizable. Having a true signature style is an essential element of NIADA’s standards.
  • NIADA looks for engaging, captivating work that inspires a meaningful response.

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