Applicant 2021_004

ARTIST MEMBER APPLICATION ~ Initial Image Review :: Images submitted by applicant for evaluation by the Standards Committee.

“Tree Spirit & Flower Spirit”
Cotton, yarn, stuffing, wool felt / 28 inches/2020
These two are mysterious creatures living in woods in my storybook. They are spirits caring for the trees and flowers. They were made with cotton from T-shirts, and their joints were connected with wooden balls. Their faces and clothes were embroidered and hair was expressed with crocheted lace. Their bodies were painted with acrylic paint. They are languages of the Mother earth which sometimes cheer and sometimes comfort people.

“Seokryurang & Daechurang”
Cotton, silk, stuffing, 22 inches/2021
These two are created as characters of Jinju city where I live. The girl Seokryurang[Song-New-Rang] stands for the pomegranate, the city flower and Daechurang[Dae-Chew-Rang] stands for the Jujube, the city tree. They are children who will lead our future world and they contains potential and hope. They are dressed up Hanbok, Korea traditional costume, which were made with Jinju silk.

“Hwaseonrang & Okdangrang”
Cotton, Hanji paper, stuffing / 22 inches/2021
These two were made with Hanji, Korean Paper. They were named after the names of representative Hanji, Hwaseonji and Okdangji. Dak paper dolls are well known for Hanji doll and they are being made by many doll artists. Dak paper doll is made in the way to paste paper with glue not to sew. As my main medium is cloth, I wanted to make dolls in the way to sew Hanji like cloth. However, Hanji is not easy to sew, so it needs getting through special process to be tough. Then it becomes durable enough to sew. I turned out the old saying “Where there is a will, there is a way.” is true.

3 different cut & sew designs printed on cotton fabric/ 24 inches /2021
Nongae is a historic woman who is being worshiped as a patriot. When Japan invaded Korea in 1592, she dived into Nam-River holding the Japanese general in her arms very tight and sacrificed herself. When she threw herself into the river, she wore ten rings around her each fingers not to loose. To make this doll, I designed 3 different cut and sew pannels. One is for her body parts, hair, another is for her upper garment, inner wears and socks. The third is for her skirt.

Detail view Image
Detail view of “Nongae”

Application Standards

Excellence of Artistry
  • Every applicant should hold the highest personal standards for his or her work.
  • The work must be well-designed, made, and finished.
  • The work must show excellent control of the medium.
  • Sculpting should be flawless, with accurate proportions or, if exaggerated, should harmoniously fit the concept of the piece.
  • Hair should be of a material appropriate to the piece and flawlessly applied.
  • Costuming should be created out of a good idea or concept and be expertly made, using materials appropriate to the figure’s scale or its intended effect.
Identity of Design
  • Every applicant should have a style of working that is unique, consistent, and recognizable. Having a true signature style is an essential element of NIADA’s standards.
  • NIADA looks for engaging, captivating work that inspires a meaningful response.

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