Applicant 2020_003

ARTIST MEMBER APPLICATION ~ Initial Image Review :: Images submitted by applicant for evaluation by the Standards Committee.

“Games with the flow” Installation
Ceramics, textiles Installation 118, 11×78.74. 2019
Installation. 3 dolls, 1dress, river-textiles, ships.
One little girl has been sailing for many, many years, no one knows for sure. Maybe twenty, maybe thirty, maybe six, everything happens.
She lived alone near the river,but she never entered that river, she was afraid.
And then one day…
The end thinks the viewer. Everyone has their own.

“In search of the bird of Paradise” Installation
Ceramics, textiles Installation 59.06×39.37. 2020
Somewhere on distant Islands there are beautiful birds, their plumage is magnificent, their voices are sweet, next to them you find peace, they are desirable and beckoning.
But those Islands are far away, and the birds are unattainable.
Even carefully peering, trying to make them out among the visual noise, to hear singing svoz noise – is not easy .
And if you try to change the direction of view from the outside to the inside, it turns out that the bird has long been settled and the feathers are woven from the fabric of your dress , and the voice, the same fa.

“Alice games. 00 hours 00 minutes”
Ceramic, glass, metal, resin, linen 19.69×9.84. 2018
Alice games.

“Steppenwolf. Female line”
Ceramic, wood, textile 30.71×22.83. 2018
Her turn will come and she will ride her wolf, and while she is a little girl already knows that she carries a great female knowledge that will multiply and pass on. And now any branch can become her wolf, you just need to see it. She is almost a wolf, free, bold, the heiress of some great feminine knowledge.
I have my own sense of the steppe, what it is… and it’s not just a huge space, the wind, the smell of wormwood, freedom, close your eyes and just feel…
Egegeeeeee …
And now the wind is whistling and fluttering braids….

Detail view Image
Detail view of “Games with the flow”

Application Standards

Excellence of Execution
  • Every applicant should hold the highest personal standards for his or her work.
  • The work must be well made and impeccably finished.
  • A mastery of the medium should be apparent.
  • Sculpting should be flawless, with accurate proportions or, if exaggerated, should harmoniously fit the concept of the piece.
  • Hair should be of a material appropriate to the piece and flawlessly applied.
  • Costuming should be well conceived and expertly sewn, using materials appropriate to the figure’s scale and/or its intended effect.
Identity of Design

Every applicant should have a style of working that is unique, consistent and recognizable. Having a true signature style elevates the work into the realm of high art, which is an essential element of NIADA’s standards.

NIADA looks for works that inspire an emotional response. Is the work engaging, captivating? Does it transform, illuminate or inspire?

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