Applicant 2020_001

ARTIST MEMBER APPLICATION ~ Initial Image Review :: Images submitted by applicant for evaluation by the Standards Committee.

“Viva la Frida”
Paperclay sculpture. 35″. 2019
In this piece I was trying to represent women power trough iconic image of Frida Kahlo. I recreated her famous corset which represents her life long political active involvement. This piece was specifically created for annual local “We are Art Women” show and had the goal to present strong woman artist.

“La Artista”
Paperclay bust, acrylic and watercolor paints, pastel, watercolor pencils, felted hat. 12″. 2020
This is a collective portrait of the male artist. Inspiration came after visiting Madrid and Paris. The main reference for this piece was Picasso.

“Pouty Princess”
Paperclay, silk, mohair, felted hat. 15″. 2019
Sometimes I just want to create something cute to bring a smile.

“Friducha and Fulang-Chang”
Paperclay head, chest, hands and legs from down the knee, soft boudoir type body. About 25″ sitting. 2019
Unlike my first Frida, this one is just a women who loves ethnicity of her casual clothing and sometimes unbraided hair. She enjoys the company of her beloved pet spider monkey Fulang Chang. But I hope she is still as poetic and philosophical as I imagine Frida-type figures. She is a boudoir doll and can be displayed as one with various ways and changing her poses and head movements. Fulang Chang is needle felted with movable armature inside, so he can be a “real” spider monkey when hanging on Frida.

Detail view Image
Some details of “Viva la Frida”

Application Standards

Excellence of Execution
  • Every applicant should hold the highest personal standards for his or her work.
  • The work must be well made and impeccably finished.
  • A mastery of the medium should be apparent.
  • Sculpting should be flawless, with accurate proportions or, if exaggerated, should harmoniously fit the concept of the piece.
  • Hair should be of a material appropriate to the piece and flawlessly applied.
  • Costuming should be well conceived and expertly sewn, using materials appropriate to the figure’s scale and/or its intended effect.
Identity of Design

Every applicant should have a style of working that is unique, consistent and recognizable. Having a true signature style elevates the work into the realm of high art, which is an essential element of NIADA’s standards.

NIADA looks for works that inspire an emotional response. Is the work engaging, captivating? Does it transform, illuminate or inspire?

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