Applicant 2018_003

ARTIST MEMBER APPLICATION ~ Initial Image Review :: Images submitted by applicant for evaluation by the Standards Committee.

Tired Mime
In a brief repose after his last performance, the mime prepares for his next silent intimate interaction with a new audience. He seems to focus only on the viewer, communicating seamlessly without words.  The “Tired Mime” head and hands were sculpted with Living Doll polymer clay and painted with acrylics and pastels. Blue piercing glass eyes, colored red mohair hair, a French style beret and red neckerchief reveal his European culture. He has traditional Mime’s makeup:  a white face, black details, a little red heart on his nose and a drawn-on red mouth.

Living Doll Polymer clay
8″ x 5″ base, 6.5” high.
Created in 2019




Windsor Knot
A middle aged man meticulously ties his Windsor knot, yet his expression reveals his thoughts are someplace far away. His apprehension, perhaps related to this formal occasion, is clearly portrayed in his pensive stare.    This art doll was sculpted with Living Doll polymer clay and “blushed” with pastels. Glass eyes and a mohair hairline characterize this doll’s face. His silk tie covers an armature that connects him to the wooden base.

Living Doll Polymer clay, 4.5″ x 5″ base
12.5″ high.
Created in 2018


Old Man
“Old Man” is thoughtfully considering a matter of great importance. Revealing decades of experience from furrowed lines, he listens intently as he considers his response. “Old Man” was created with Living Doll polymer clay, later “blushed” with pastels. His eyes were painted with acrylics; thin mohair comprises his receding hair; his cigar is separately sculpted and painted. His crossed hands are supported by his cane, which connects his hands and face with the base. The top of the base is covered with early 20th century newspaper headlines. His only piece of clothing is his black coat collar made of wool.

Living Doll Polymer clay, 6″ x 5″ base
11.5″ high
Created in 2017

Old Friends
“Old Friends” tells the story about a sophisticated elderly lady who goes to the city park each day to meet with her best friends – pigeons. The pigeons have learned a total trust in her and sit on her arms awaiting the cookie treat. The lady’s face and hands (one with a glove) and the pigeons are sculpted with Living Doll polymer clay and painted with acrylics and pastels. Her coat is sewed from soft suede and lined with dark silk. Her white sweater under her coat and faux fur collar and hat hint of her elegance. 100% bleached Tussah silk was used for her hair; her glasses were hand-made from clear acrylics and gold colored wire.

Living Doll Polymer clay
11″ x 5″ base, 11.5″ high
Created in 2018/ 2019

Details for “Old Friends” and “Tired Mime”