2016 Conference and Dollmaking School

July 18th to­ July 20th and July 21st to July 24th
Alexandria, Virginia, in Historic Old Town

Historic Old Town in Alexandra, Virginia, was the location chosen for our annual Dollmaking School and Conference. From July 18 through the 20th, Master Artists taught classes on the art of doll making followed by 4 days of conference presentations, demonstrations and exhibits, including a spectacular opening-eve show at the local Principal Gallery, and their annual sale. Joe McPhale, Eva Hellerova Hodinková and Luella Mossom were welcomed as new artist members.

NIADA 2016

Thursday, July 21st to­ Sunday, July 24th
Conference location: Sheraton Suites, Old Town Alexandria, 801 North Saint Asaph Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314 (Washington, DC area

NIADA 2016
Dollmaking School

Monday, July 18th to­ Wednesday, July 20th
Conference location: Sheraton Suites, Old Town Alexandria, 801 North Saint Asaph Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314 (Washington, DC area)

Classes were taught  by NIADA Artists
Marlaine Verhelst, Connie Smith, Tanya Marriott, Stephanie Blythe, Donna May Robinson, Catherine Mather and Diane Keeler.

Keynote Speaker : Leslie Molen


NIADA Artists Demos

Five NIADA artists will demonstrate some of their techniques and share invaluable information about their dollmaking process.

Theresa May
27 Dresses: Imagination and Costume
Begin with the fanciful… worry about how to get there much much later…

Leslie Molen
It’s All in the Color Details
How to use color in your doll to create intriguing balance and flow in your costuming

Nina Tugarina
Finessing the accessories: Shoes to die for!
Assembling and applying leather/fabric shoes

Diane Keeler
Making Eyes
Windows to the soul at your fingertips: My many experiments now refined for your use

Cindee Moyer
Stylized Hair for the Art Doll
Exploring unconventional sources for hair to create interesting, unique and unexpected ways to top off your doll.

Conference Programs

Laurel Breitkopf & Pat Gould
25 Year Honorees
Celebrating the Careers of Richard and Jodi Creager, Jane Davies, Bill Nelson, Nancy Walters, and Charlene Westling

Marlaine Verhelst, Neva Waldt, & Stephanie Blythe
The Road to Becoming a NIADA Artist
A description of NIADA standards and a first hand description of one artist’s journey to becoming a NIADA artist.

Susan Scogin & Juanita Zientara
It’s Personal
Susan will interview Juanita about her doll collection.

Krystyna Poray Goddu
Unmasking Sasha: A Brief History of the Inscrutable Doll
The visionary Sasha Doll designed in the 1940s by Swiss artist Sasha Morgenthaler (1893-1975) has inspired many dollmakers over the decades. Krystyna Poray Goddu, editor of the 2011 book Sasha Dolls: The History, presents a brief version.

Shelley Thornton
Ten by Twelve
Up to twelve visiting artists will introduce their dolls with ten projected images of their work. For each photo, the artist will have 20 seconds to provide commentary.

 NIADA Souvenir Doll Artists 2016

The 2016 Conference will see a change in the souvenir doll. Instead of the souvenir doll being created by one Artist, we have invited 14 NIADA Artists to take part. The souvenir dolls designs will remain secret until the conference, and will be distributed at the banquet to all conference attendees. The contributing NIADA Artists are Neva Waldt, Annie Wahl, Svetlana Rudoy, Tatiana Baeva, Stephanie Blythe, Connie Smith, Cindee Moyer, Larry Blount, Theresa May, Shelley Thornton Sandra Oglesby, Donna May Robinson, Marlaine Verhelst, Tanya Marriott.

Check out the Doll work of the contributing Artists below.

Gallery Dolls 2016