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2020 Challenge Theme: “Origins”

Origins: All human societies have creation myths, or origin stories….stories about the power of DNA, and the diversity of evolved organisms. Our stories may be different but serve a similar point  and have brought us to similar creative paths as makers of handmade art dolls. Whether various cultures view their first ancestors as human, males, females, animals or other mythical beings we are curious about how we became the person we are, where our pedigree began and how our origins are linked to DNA.

And what about the origins of the objects we make?  What part did ancient dolls play in the development of arts and culture in the long history of humans making objects for rituals, protection, magic and play?

The 2020 challenge is to summon your Clio (history) muse and share your origin narrative using the history of dolls or your ancestral heritage and influences, legends, myths, fables, parables or vignettes.

About the Challenge Doll

A challenge doll is an artistic exploration of how each individual interprets and represents the theme. This theme may be well defined or merely a phrase. Each participant renders their work, in this case, honoring the doll making tradition, and submits it for exhibition at the Conference. Submitted dolls should be all original designs and completely fabricated by the artist using any material.

Dolls must be no larger than 24″ in diameter and must not exceed 30″ in height.
The “Origins” Challenge dolls will be on display during the Conference.  We look forward to seeing your interpretation in August!