Applicant 2017_001

ARTIST MEMBER APPLICATION ~ Initial Image Review :: Images submitted by applicant for evaluation by the Standards Committee.

Ghost coming from the world of dreams, a character created for a fantasy short film.

Materials: Resin, Aluminum wire, cloth and wood.
Size: 11x11x 20 inches
Year Created: 2016

Nicholás its also from the shortfilm, he creates puppets creates for theatre plays and works around the world. In one of his trips had an accident that left him blind. This does not make them impossible to create, feel the characters through his hands, lives lost in his own dreams.

Materials: Gourd, soft sculpture with scrim overlay, wooden bead trim, pyrography, inks, pap
Size: 11x11x 20 inches
Date Created: 2016

Ivo is a puppet  of the works of Nicholas, has its own life, since Nicholas lost his sight it has lived forgotten in the deterioration and abandonment.

Materials: Resin, Aluminum wire, super sculpey and cloth.
Size: 10x10x 15 inches
Date: 2016

Berenice is the co-protagonist of the story, she was part of the theater group of Nicholas and next to her they performed works with which they traveled around the world showing their dreams.

Materials: Resin, Aluminum wire, stamen,  sequin, cloth and wood.
Size: 11x11x 22 inches
Date Created: 2016

Detail View: ¨Berenice¨
¨Berenice¨  the co-protagonist of the shortfilm i made with puppets in stopmotion animation here in Mexico. This images are part of the desing and i love do puppets as part of stories i create, also  i love illustration, painting and draw thins roms surrealism worlds and creams, i leave inside of fantasy worlds. Fantastic fiction is more ancient that written language itself. The breaking point of this kind of fiction is marked by the vast space of the wonderful, it falls on the coherent world, the “strange” or the “common-sense fantasy” and all disconcerting elements are reduced to mere events of explicable occasions.