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WaldtNeva Waldt

I had a friend once tell me that a creative person will implode if they do not create. I thoroughly agree. For me, the process is the reward. I have sewn since I was 5 and have always been fascinated with turning the fabrics into 3 dimensional forms, whether it was clothing, costumes or soft sculpture. In 2003, I begin focusing this fascination on sculpting figures in cloth and eventually included other mediums, such as paperclay and paper-mache. With the help of colors, textures, detail and gesture, my art dolls come to life, each with a humorous story to tell.

I am inspired by everyday life and I am an avid people watcher. I try to translate that into my dysfunctional world of characters. Gesture and expression are my building blocks and humor is the cement. If the doll makes the viewer grin, it's a success. I find age adds character and men are simply more amusing. I enjoy seeing viewers relate to my characters in personal ways. I hope that my dolls will bring a smile to faces for generations to come.

Craftsmanship is a top priority to me. Although I am not a costumer by trade, I have much experience with sewing and designing. Fabric selection and manipulation, fit and trimmings have to be precise and waldtmust add to the character flawlessly. If it flawed, it is redone. I want to have the pride of knowing all was done to the very best of my ability. I want all of the details to be in perfect scale with the figure and make sense, not appear simply as an add-on. I strive to make shoes that look as they have been walked in, not just applied. I want the character to be believable, so that there is the illusion of real life.

Throughout my career as an artist I have had different measuring sticks for gauging success. Although it is very rewarding to feel the personal pride for a job well done, it is more rewarding to have the approval of people I admire. Becoming a artist member of NIADA has been a goal since I first became aware of the organization in 2006. To me, it means creating work that will always meet or surpass the high standards of the group. My ultimate goal as a doll artist is to eventually have shows at reputable galleries. NIADA is the foundation and what a strong foundation it is. I am proud to be a NIADA artist.

Contact information: Neva Waldt
Mail: 4531 Palmetto, Bellaire, Texas 77401 USA | Phone: 713-664-1988
Neva Waldt | Web:


Leo Was Allergic to Dogs, 2011

19"x10"x14" Mixed Media

Leo Was Allergic to Dogs, 2011

(rear view) 19"x10"x14" Mixed Media

Myrtle Hits the Beach, 2011

18"x10"x8" Mixed Media

Waldt Waldt Waldt

Orville Takes a
Sick Day, 2010

20"x8"x8" Mixed Media

It's Not the Destination
But the Journey, 2008

19"x14"x10" Mixed Media

A Mime is a Terrible
Thing to Waste, 2007

16"x9"x9" Mixed Media

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