Q. I cannot attend the Annual Conference during Part 1 of my application process, what can I do?

It is mandatory that artists wishing to apply for NIADA Artist Membership attend at least one NIADA Annual Conference as a Visiting Artist  and participate in an Artist Membership Critique immediately prior to or in the year of the initiation of their application process.

We realize that this might seem impossible for some applicants because of financial considerations and/or travel distances, but ask applicants to consider the following.

  • At the conferences there are many opportunities to show work to NIADA Artists and Patrons, including critiques, special exhibitions, challenges and programs open to Visiting Artists. It is more likely that members will appreciate the quality of new work if they are able to see it “in person.”
  • Some types of flaws in a work may not be apparent until the work is examined “in person,” so there is a greater possibility of being rejected in the final voting stage if that is the first time the work is actually seen by voting members.

If it is impossible for you to attend the Annual Conference, please contact the Standards Chair

Q. When will I find out if I passed Part 1?

A. Applicants will be notified of the results of the image review within two months after the end of the NIADA Conference. An artist who receives a passing score on their initial images will be invited to continue with Part 2 of the application.

Q. I passed Part 1 and 2, but I couldn’t attend Conference for Part 3.

A. If an applicant passes Part 1 and Part 2, but is unable to attend the Conference that year, he or she may request a one-year extension for the final vote from the Standards Chair without having to re-apply. If the applicant is unable to attend the Conference the following year, he or she must begin the application process again.

Q. How should I name my doll images?

A. For the application, label your images files with your last name, first name and corresponding image number, for example: SmithJane_001.jpg, and SmithJane_001detial.jpg for the detail shot. Please do not embed your name, copyright watermark or include text descriptions on your digital images.

Q. What is the best resolution for my images?

A. Images need to be submitted as hi-resolution .jpg images (5MB maximum). If you are shooting with a 4 to 12 megapixel camera the resolution should be high enough for the Standards Committee to see the details of your work. If you are scanning your own photos please scan at 300 dpi resolution and save images as high quality, full-size .jpg (no compression or reduced for email). The minimum recommended pixel size accepted is 1000px at the longest length at 200dpi.

Q. Who will review my submission?

A. The initial image submissions are reviewed every year at the NIADA Conference by the Standards Committee, which consists of ten voting NIADA Artist Members, The Stage Two review is with all Artists. Applications are scored on the merits of the work pictured, and in those instances where the photographs are not clear or of professional quality, the work may not be seen to its full advantage, which could result in a lower score. A rejection should not be interpreted as a final judgment of your work, but rather as a collective comment expressed by that year’s specific jurors. Many NIADA Artists apply multiple times before being accepted as Artist Members.

Q. What is an Aritst Membership Critique?

A. If you are in the process of applying for NIADA Artist membership you must participate in an Artist Membership Mentor Critique as a component of your application process. This Critique is an opportunity to discuss what is required to become an Artist Member and will be conducted by three NIADA Artists at the annual NIADA conference. The fee for the Critique is $25.

Q. How do I send my Part 1 application and images?

A. Please email the Standards Chair to receive an application link.

Q. What does my Part 1 application need to include?

A. The Part 1 Application needs to include your contact information, four (4) full view images of different dolls, and one (1) detail image of one doll. These images will be accompanied by a short description of the doll design, materials used, size and date created.

Q. Where can I see examples of NIADA Artist work?

A. The work of NIADA Artist Members can be seen by visiting the NIADA Artist Portfolio page, by looking at the historical survey of NIADA work in the historical gallery, or in the book, NIADA Art Dolls: Rich Traditions, New Ideas. Applicants should try to assess whether or not they would fit well in NIADA, and if so, what contributions they could bring to the organization.

Q.We work as a team, do both have to apply separately?

A. A team is defined as two artists whose contributions are integral to the creation of the finished piece. A team submits one application under both names and, if accepted, each are considered Artist members but pay the $50 annual dues as one member.

Q.Can I participate in the Artists events if I am voted in as a NIADA Artist member at the Conference?

A. The Artists’ meeting is held at the beginning of each annual Conference. At the beginning of the Artists’ meeting, the attending NIADA Artists view the applicants’ work on display and submit the final vote. If elected, each applicant is immediately entitled to full Artist status and brought into the remainder of the meeting. New members will be given a pedestal for exhibiting one piece in the Gallery Night event and a table for the Exhibit & Sale.

Q. If I become a NIADA Artist member, what is expected of me?

To remain a member in good standing with voting rights and benefits, Artist Dues of $50 per year must be paid by the Annual NIADA Conference and artists are urged to attend at least one Conference every three years. NOTE: New Artist Members are required to pay a one-time fee of $100 for a table at the annual Exhibit & Sale. This helps pay for the table skirts, pedestals etc.

Other duties include attending business meetings at Conferences, performing Critiques, volunteering to work on committees and serve as officers and board members, participating in online discussions and in other ways helping to keep the organization running throughout the year. All NIADA members should also promote dolls as art, as well as the organization and its good will and missions. Click the link for more details about NIADA Artist Membership.