Applicant 2016_005

ARTIST MEMBER APPLICATION ~ Initial Image Review :: Images submitted by applicant for evaluation by the Standards Committee.

Bip the Clown
Materials Used: Super Sculpey and Activa La Doll air dry clay (full body sculpt) over wire armature. Glass eyes. Handmade fabric clothes and burlap hat.
Size: 19” tall.
Year Created : 2016.


“Bip The Clown” is a portrait doll of my beloved French mime Marcel Marceau, who was not only the great actor but also a beautiful person. The motion of the doll represents the Mime’s famous “arms in the air” posture. His clothes were carefully designed and sewn as a replica of Marcel’s theatrical clothes – striped pullover middy and white pants. His hat is a replica of Marcel’s famous hat in worn burlap with a single red flower on top.

Wearing sculpted ballet shoes – a trademark of the Bip the Clown – his face is painted with dramatic white, black and red colors to replicate Marcel’s thick mask of white pancake makeup and charcoal-lined eyes accentuating his wrinkles.

Charleston Dance
Materials Used: Super Sculpey polymer clay (full body sculpt) over wire armature, hand sewn dress from sparkle Hologram Amethyst/Purple dance fabric with black fringe. Mohair hair. Handmade face mask and hair piece.
Size: 11.5” tall.
Date Created : 2016


This one-of-a-kind doll is a 2016 Golden Award winner at the International Dolls Show in Asheville. As do all of my dolls, it creates emotions and tells the story. It is a dance of a liberated woman who says “I’m free, beautiful and sexy!”  She is having so much fun … you can almost feel the atmosphere on the dance floor, hear the music and see the guests cheering her on. We feel happy just watching her.


Materials Used : Super Sculpey and Activa La Doll air dry clay (full body sculpt) over wire armature. Handmade fabric clothes, felt hat and umbrella.
Size: 9” tall.
Date Created: 2016.




his doll has an exaggerated, cartoonish features, and it is one of my new lines of dolls — “moving” dolls or dolls in stop-motion positions. I designed and made his sculpted gloves and shoes, felt hat, knitted scarf, wool coat, and inverted umbrella to suggest a brisk winter windy day.

The man is leaning towards the wind, trying to hide his face in his warm scarf. The bending tree has very few leaves after the strong gusts of wind. The man is holding on to his hat which is about to be blown away; the wind already inverted his umbrella. “Realistic Water” partially covers the base to create puddles with floating red and golden leaves.

Enchanting Creature
Materials Used : Super Sculpey (full body sculpt) over wire armature. Handmade colored cheesecloth dress with rhinestones and real feathers assents. Glass eyes. Acrylic pained face. Lightly blushes body and nails. Realistic eyelashes.
Size: 7”
Date Created :  2016.


This is a fantasy figure of a beautiful mysterious forest creature with feathered wings.  She is partly human, delicately covered with a see-through cheesecloth dress with ornaments, bracelet and ring. Instead of traditional hair, she has feathers that suggest a hint of exotic wildness. Sitting on a log, her mesmerizing eyes notice something, perhaps you.  Who or what is she? That is a question that we would like to ask her…

Farmer Joe
Materials Used: Super Sculpey face, hands and shoes. Soft body with wire armature.
Size: 22.5” tall.
Date Created: 2016